Gary LundyGARY LUNDY ("Max")

  Gary Lundy was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania. In high school, Gary starred in numerous theatre productions ranging from "King Lear" to "Brigadoon," and he made his film debut co-starring with classmate Jake Gyllenhaal in the indie phenom Donnie Darko. Gary was the head writer and performer for the acclaimed comedy troupe Mask and Wig. Read this article about him. He can be seen in Mary Harron's The Ballad of Bettie Page (starring Gretchen Mol, Lily Taylor, and David Strathairn) and the upcoming Scott Lew's Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas (starring Patrick Fugit, Cheryl Hines, and Matt Lillard). He once had a girlfriend steal his car and try to sell it on eBay.

Sara DowningSARA DOWNING ("Julie")

  Sara's film credits include Never Been Kissed, where she got to throw eggs at Drew Barrymore, and Hard Cash (aka Run for the Money) with Val Kilmer and Christian Slater. On TV, she starred in the WB series "Dead Last," about a rock band who could see the dead, and had recurring roles in "Smallville" and "Roswell." See her later this year in the film The Fallen. Sara was once dumped for pointing at the menu when she ordered. Sara's Fan Club


  Kim's acting career includes the films City of Angels, with Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan, The In-Crowd,and Houseguest with Sinbad and Phil Hartman. Notable TV appearances include "Party of Five," "Boomtown," "Cybil," and Fox's acclaimed hit "24," in which Keither Sutherland ages in real-time. She once had her boyfriend's ex attack her during a private massage.

Brian KlugmanBRIAN KLUGMAN ("Charles")

  Brian is a writer, director, actor, and producer, but above all else, he is a woman trapped in a man's body. He was a regular on the popular series "Frasier," and had a recurring role in "Felicity" (it is said that star Keri Russell shaved her head after seeing Brian's hair). He can be seen effortlessly stealing movies like Can't Hardly Wait, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, and the upcoming Griffin and Phoenix. He once dated a woman who had been expelled from G.L.O.W.

Jay PaulsonJAY PAULSON ("Sam")

  Jay is a tv and film veteran whose credits include two years on CBS' "Cybill" and NBC's "Battery Park," appearances on "NYPD Blue" and "Just Shoot Me," and "the West Wing." He has been in films like the Sundance '03 selection Rolling Kansas, Doug Liman's Go, David Veloz's Permanent Midnight, and Brian Klugman's Can't Hardly Wait. He stole Imaginary Heroes from costars Emile Hirsch and Sigourney Weaver, He was once dumped for a circus clown.

Rini BellRINI BELL ("Amanda")

  Rini was in Steven Spielberg's The Terminal, starring Tom Hanks, and Sam Mendes' Jarhead, as well as movies like Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst, Terry Sweigoff's Ghost World, and Road Trip. Millions enjoy her recurring role on "The Gilmore Girls." Look for her in the upcoming The Thirst. When not stealing scenes in hit movies, she enjoys karaoke and monster truck rallies. A guy once took Rini to Hooters on their first date. (psst-- she has a fan club!)

Todd DuffeyTODD DUFFEY ("Tommy")

  Todd is famous throughout the good-film-loving world for his archetype-defining performance in Office Space, where he annoyed Ron Livingston and Jennifer Aniston into film history. He was a regular on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and has appeared in "the George Lopez Show" and "That 70's Show" Check out Todd in one of last year's SuperBowl commercials. Look for him in the upcoming Hollywood Kills.

Kathleen PerkinsKATHLEEN PERKINS ("Jen")

  Kathleen Perkins hails from Detroit and has a BFA from Western Michigan University in musical theater. She performed stand-up comedy in New York City while studying under Gary Izzo, the godfather of interactive improv. Since moving to LA, she has been in a variety of independent movies and television shows like "CSI: Miami." and "How I Met Your Mother." She recently starred in the CBS movie Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas. She once had an ex-boyfriend get revenge by stealing one of her checks and cashing it for 80 bucks.

That's all great, but how do Burning Annie's stars connect to Kevin Bacon?


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