• The Ultimate "Shit List" list -- NEW
    Found in the bathroom of Max's suite...

  • Max's "Most Underrated Movie" list
    Our film-addicted hero lists his top ten movies
    that just don't get their due...

    (Relationship advice from a guy with a lot of,
    shall we say, "long distance" perspective on the topic)

  • The Amazing Relationship Profiler
    (What kind of relationship are you
    REALLY involved in? Find out!)

  • Scott's Magic 8-Ball
    (answers to your most burning questions
    from Max's loquacious suitemate)

  • Choose Your Tommy's Own Adventure(s)!
    (You are Tommy on a typical Friday night,
    but try not to despair... yet!)

  • Dysfunction Junction-- COMING SOON!
    (aka The Relationship Hall of Shame...
    A place for people to post their most sick
    and twisted (true) relationship stories...)

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