Burning Annie
(learn how this rogue's gallery got together in the Official Cinderella Story)

Van FlesherVan Flesher - Director

Van has over fifteen years' experience behind the camera. He began his career at Florida State University's prestigious Asolo Theatre. In addition to directing many short films and music videos for artists like Caeli Rain, Ned Massey, Val Stover, and Rodney Crowell's band The Cicadas, Van has held key academic positions including Director of the part-time studies program at the Los Angeles Film School, the Associate Director of the Watkins Film School, and professor of digital filmmaking at the University of Southern California. Van recently directed and photographed the documentary The Third Eye and the short film the Walrus Lover. He produced and photographed three feature films: Shades of Grey and Basement Love, both of which he also wrote, and Amy Everhart, distributed by Porchlight Entertainment. Burning Annie is his directorial debut. Help the fight!


Zack Ordynans

Zack Ordynans - Writer

Zack was raised in West Nyack, N.Y. He conceived the quasi-autobiographical Burning Annie while attending Clark University in Worcester, Mass. He is the author of numerous articles and short stories, which have been published in a variety of publications. He recently served as Director of Communications for a political campaign in Massachusetts. Last year, a reading of his work was held at the Black Dahlia Theater in Los Angeles. In addition to editing New York City's "homE/Spun" magazine, Zack is working on several screenplays and a book project. After extensive therapy, Snow Dogs is no longer his favorite film.


Randy Mack

Randy Mack - Producer - email - (aka Armak, Clevername73)

Randy is from New Haven, Connecticut. His filmmaking career began over a decade ago when he won the Connecticut Penny Award's top prize for filmmaking. While attending Clark University, he organized, directed, and produced a televised debate between conservative humorist P.J. O'Rourke and liberal humorist Michael Moore, as well as producing several short films and the highest-rated television show on the Clark Cable Network. His professional entertainment industry experience includes stints in development with George Clooney's and Steven Soderbergh's company Section Eight, Peter Guber at Mandalay Pictures, and Larry Mark at Laurence Mark Productions. He was the Story Editor for the Endeavor Agency, prior to founding Armak Productions in 1998, in order to develop 'projects for the slightly smarter moviegoer.'™ He is currently at work on his next script.

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