The Jennifer Copp Collection
(Jennifer was the co-Production Designer.)


At the Radio Station:

Max (Gary Lundy) does his radio show as images of Beth (Kim Murphy) taunt him.

Director Van Flesher

Director Van Flesher spins some Golden Oldies. [CLICK FOR LARGER PHOTO]

Technicians test image projections of Julie (Sara Downing) [right] while Gary's elbow looks on [left].

At the Gymnasium Set:

Director Van Flesher

Van explains to the extras how volleyball relates to Joseph Cambell's "The Hero's Journey."

Producer Randy Mack

Producer Randy Mack draws a diagram explaining how the oceans will rise if Van doesn't make the day's schedule.

At the Freshman Dorm set:

The full set

The set within the set. [CLICK TO ENLARGE]

Freshman dorm set

Gary Lundy reflects on how the hell he ended up in West Virginia, while in the bg, the rest of the cast consider firing their agents.

• Some images of writer Zack Ordynans, in yet another postmodern cameo. His dialogue: "CUT!"

At the climactic dinner party:

Ladies' man Charles (Brian Klugman)

Jen (Kathleen Perkins) and her boyfriend Sam (Jay Paulson) glare at the craft service girl while Charles looks on.

Scott (Jason Risner) and Amanda (Rini Bell)-- star-crossed lovers? Not in this life.

Julie (Sara Downing). In the bg, an extra strokes his lucky soul patch.

Charles pretends to listen as Beth (Kim Murphy) babbles about the new Big Gulp sizes at 7-11.

Sara (Carrie Freedle) laughs loudly at a bad pun made by Charles.

Other photos:

Director Van Flesher

On the set of the Darkroom, Van makes goo-goo eyes at the cinematographer. [CLICK TO ENLARGE]

Gary Lundy and Sara Downing

Within a few hours of meeting for the first time, Gary and Sara are paid to simulate sex in front of cameras.

Kathleen Perkins

Jen (Kathleen Perkins) enjoys the ambiance of her boyfriend's flashback.


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