"The Long, Strange Trip of Burning Annie"-- about Zack Ordynans' rise to power, March '07

 Worcester Magazine article from our MassBay screening April '04

 Interview with Gary Lundy from the Daily Pennsylvanian, Nov. '03.

 Interview with writer-producer Randy Mack at

Graffiti magazine (WV) article about filming at Marshall University

Herald Dispatch (WV)article about the making of the film

All our REVIEWS...

 TV news reports during filming in Huntington, WV, Feb. '02:
(Captured direct from VHS, which was recorded direct from UHF. Please forgive any audio issues.)


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The YouTube BA PlayList

our glorious IMDB page

Film Threat article, celebrating our near-completed-ness.

 Our title gets mocked twice, by Film Threat & McSweeney's! What an honor! listing

Counting Down listing, with messages from people eager to see the film.


 Special Section for Members of the Press-- Members of the media can go here to see our Electronic Press Kits, hi-res stills (w/ captions), full-color posters, and the famous Radio Promo CD.

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