Village Voice
Nathan Lee: "This bittersweet riff is an anxiously auspicious debut.
Immensely appealing performances nail an exceptionally canny script."

New York Times
Matt Soller Zeitz: "Burning Annie is a thoroughly professional comedy,
well paced, attractively photographed and smartly acted."

New York magazine
Critic's Pick: "A surprising little charmer, overcoming its low-budget
origins with sharp writing and a genuinely sweet sensibility."

The Stranger (Seattle)
Andy Spletzer: "Takes an intriguingly plastic approach to the script,
transitioning between flashbacks, monologues, and heartfelt
romantic musings with genuine flair. Perhaps the best examination
of rudderless, self-aware college ennui since Kicking and Screaming."

Film Festival

  • Time Out New York
    by Andrew Johnston
    "The most entertaining narrative feature in competition was easily [BA]"

  • CBS-Radio
    by Todd David Schwartz
    "A sharp, witty script that Woody himself would enjoy. ****FOUR STARS [highest rating]"

  • The Numbers
    by C.S. Strowbridge
    "A wonderful film. Recommended."

  • Bangin' Banana
    by Jesse Knight

    "Relentlessly funny from fade to fade, without a false note in between."

  • Independent Film Network
    by Robert Klein
    "Smart, funny, good acting. A great cast of characters."

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